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Make your Saab more yours


Upgrading your Saab needn’t cost as much as you might think. And the results can be quite eye-catching as well as giving your Saab more individual appeal.

Set yourself a sensible budget and it’s surprising what a difference the right accessory or upgrade can make. Like the soft black leather and bright burnished wood of a new steering wheel, especially when you pair it with a leather-trimmed gear knob.

Whatever you’ve set your heart on to increase your Saab’s versatility, optimise its functionality or simply add that personal touch, discover a world of genuine Saab accessories that are sure to fit the bill.


Don’t despair. Use your spare – £99

While everyone has spare house keys,
 few of us have a second set of car keys.
 Yet a spare programmed to your Saab
 right now costs a mere £99.00,
 saving you money, time and 
the desperate urge to tear 
your hair out next time
 they go missing.

9-3 models only. Please call for a quote on other models. Offer includes transponder only, key blade is available separately for an additional charge.


We all like to be kept updated so does your Saab – £29.99

Many computers control your vehicle, and they periodically require software updates to ensure your engine is running at peak performance.

For only £29.99, you can as a Saab Service Club member update your engine management software at your preferred Saab Service Center.

Don’t treat them mean, keep them clean! –  £9.89* per Treatment

Cut the cost of motoring with Saab Professional Cleaners

We’re not talking about outside appearances here, you’re going deep inside your Saab’s engine and exhaust system to deliver perform a professional deep clean. Forget about bright and shiny bodywork for a moment and concentrate on sparkling performance. The unique range of Saab Professional Cleaners has been specially developed to regenerate and revitalise your car’s engine and exhaust performance by eliminating contamination that build up over time and mileage, reducing engine efficiency and increasing fuel costs at the same time.

Apply frequently for best results

Used on a regular basis, Saab Professional Cleaners will ensure your engine works more efficiently, uses less fuel and reduces toxic exhaust emissions. Removing contaminants from your engine, fuel and oil systems not only improves starting, lessens engine wear and increases performance, it’s also a practical way to lower future maintenance costs. And it’s a little time well spent to lighten the strain on your engine as well as your wallet. *Diesel System Cleaner and Petrol System Cleaner £9.89 DPF System Cleaner £13.60


Convertible Roof Restoration £96

  • Shampoo roof to remove lime and traffic film
  • Re-proof to waterproof and prevent stains
  • Protects against fading

(Vehicles to be booked in for a Thursday or Friday only)


Full valet £96

Valet includes:

• Carpets hoovered and seats hoovered
• Seats wet vacuumed (as required)
• Dash and door cards cleaned
• All door shuts degreased
• Washed and polished
• Back to black bumper trims
• Tyres painted

(Vehicles to be booked in for a Thursday or Friday only)

Air conditioning re-charge £60

Air Condiotioning re-charge includes, a lubricant which is essential to ensure your system stays operational. A UV dye is also added into the system that makes tracing leaks easier. If within six months of having your vehicle re-gassed you find that your Air Conditioning no longer works, we will re-gas your vehicle for FREE if we repair the leak.

If you’ve taken your vehicle else where and they cannot find your leak do not despair!! We also have a machine that creates smoke in the air conditioning system which will seep out and reveal the leak!*

*Smoke created is harmless to you and the environment

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