Tech II and MDI Diagnostics and programming for SAAB and Vauxhall

We have the latest Tech II and MDI diagnostic equipment to diagnose problems and perform programming.


  • Read diagnostic trouble codes
  • Reset service indicator
  • Perform ECU software update
  • Install security controlled parts
  • Program new keys
  • Regenerate particle filter

Tech II/MDI programming

  • Diagnostic while you wait
  • Programming while you wait
Highly Customizable

Adjust car features to your preference.

  • Electric windows anti-pinch
  • Central locking select doors and automatic locking

Ensure optimum performance

It’s best to have diagnostic trouble codes checked if your check engine light comes on. Stored codes will reveal the fault reason even if the light has gone off and the car is operating normally.

Audio upgrade

SAAB audio equipment is security coded, so you can’t swap items between cars without Tech II. We have lots of audio components available to upgrade or repair your system

While you wait

Tech II diagnostics usually only takes a few minutes so can be done while you wait. Please call first to agree a suitable time to come in.

The parts don't work

Many SAAB parts need to be added to the vehicle using Tech II, and won’t work properly if they are installed without programming.

Service indicator

Tech II diagnostics and programming is included when we service your car, there is no extra charge for this. We can also reset the service indicator if you have performed your own servicing.

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